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About the Author

My earliest memories:

Even before the age of three I was troubled by memories that at the time, made no sense to me those memories were vivid and they have remained so until this day. It would take me over fifty two years to discover the meanings of those memories, and when I did, I felt a profound sense of astonishment. I will tell you of those memories and leave you to decide on what you make of them.

My first memory was of a place not found in the material realm. I was standing in a cave close to its entrance. There was a glow in the cave but I didn’t notice where the light was coming from. I turned to my left and there stood someone dressed in a full length garment that was a soft shade of blue. Their hair was blonde, almost with the appearance of gold. Its length was just below the shoulders. I couldn’t discern a gender, and the face seemed to be that of a long known friend; it radiated the warmth of peace and love.

We walked out of the cave entrance and onto a ledge that protruded out into the darkness. As I looked down upon the Earth, I was filled with sorrow because of the suffering of so many lost souls, because they had been denied the knowledge that would set them free. I knew that I would have to return to that place once more for the sake of love.

I had found my way out of that prison and I would have to do it again.

As I looked into the world at the unfolding lives of many precious souls, my eyes came to rest on one whose heart was good, even though her suffering had been much. To her I would entrust my soul.

I heard my friend say in a gentle voice; ‘Have you chosen?’ I said ‘I have’, and I found myself leaving that place and falling alone and into forgetfulness and towards the Earth. It was there in the material realm that I would strive once more to find the truth I had forgotten, a truth that would be found through the love I carried within.

For a moment nothing existed, and then I awoke in the dressing room of another reality, waiting to make my entrance on to the stage of life. I had no concept of what awaited me, and all I could see was an orange glow through the curtain and all I could hear were the sounds of a play in progress and I understood nothing. This time in the womb, was one of peace, it was the calm before the storm.

I recall those days before birth so vividly, almost as if it were yesterday. I remember knowing that I was to be born, that I would be leaving that place, but of what waited outside, I knew not. How frightening it was to leave that place. The first thing I experienced was fear, but I soon found myself being comforted in the warm and protecting arms of the one I had chosen. It was then for the first time, that I felt the powerful and beautiful bond of love flowing through every part of my being. I was here and for the moment, I was safe. I remember how strange the world seemed in those first weeks. I would look around and although I could see clearly, I couldn’t understand what I was seeing, voices were the same; it was all a foreign language to me.

I was born on the 22nd of March 1948, in a house
on the edge of the town centre, it still remains the same to this day.

My sister was born 18 months later, and at the age of 2 years, I fell out of the second story window. It was a neighbour who picked me up and ran with me a mile to the hospital, thereby saving my life. It was not long after that my parents split up, leaving my mother to look after two children.

We moved house not long after that and we were very poor. I remember a welfare worker bringing us a potato sack full of broken toys for Christmas. We lived mostly on bread and pork dripping sandwiches then. When mum went out and we were alone, we used to sneak a spoonful of malt and cod liver oil from a jar in the cupboard.

Things then began to change and we started getting proper meals, we didn’t realize that our mum had been forced to turn to prostitution to look after us. Am I ashamed? No, she did what any loving mother would do for the sake of her children. I think what had finally pushed her into prostitution was when my sister became seriously ill with double pneumonia and scarlet fever and almost died.

We were left alone in the house on many occasions, but that was preferable to the babysitter she sometimes got to look after us. He seemed to delight in frightening us by locking us in the dark cellar, and making scary noises from outside the door.

Sometimes she would ask the neighbours to look after us when she went away for the weekend. I think seeing her leave was the worst, it felt like she was going forever.

As we grew a little older, our mum’s patience with us seemed to get less and less. If we got too noisy we would get whipped with a belt, and it would leave marks on us. We didn’t realize how much she was going through at the time.

So I want to take you back now to when a recurring dream first began at the age of three years.

It was as if I was hovering above a sea that was so calm that it had the appearance of glass, and I felt a perfect peace throughout my being.

As I descended and touched the surface it began to change, turning all spiky and I felt a kind of nervous tension through my whole being. It was then that I noticed an old galleon ship on the horizon, moving from right to left. I never heard the words, ‘sea of glass’ until I first looked at the Book of Revelation after my enlightenment, and there it was in Chapter 4:6. It was then that I had a very profound revelation about all of us.

My encounter with organized religion. 

I was christened in St. John’s Church, which you can see in the picture of the street that I was born in. I still remember the ceremony. Later I went to Sunday school about seven times for religious teachings. At first it was fascinating and made me feel like a good person, but something didn’t feel right about what they were teaching. They spoke about a man called Jesus who performed miracles, and was very loving. How can you not admire such a person? I soon realized that the rest of the teachings were not loving at all. Later in life I went to Church a couple of times just to experience that sense of feeling good, but it wasn’t the teachings that attracted me. I think it was the atmosphere, the music, the design of the building and the stained glass windows. It all seemed to be designed to beguile the senses, and compel the Self to conform. I didn’t realize until many years later that a seed had been planted somewhere deep in my subconscious. It was that of an angry, vengeful, jealous God that had the power to cast the soul into hell for not conforming to his wishes. There was always the thought of; ‘What if it’s true?’ I can tell you that it is not. I know all the secrets of organized religion, and how they have blocked the path of loving souls. I am going to unblock that path for you. It is what I came into the world to do.

I have always been extremely self-aware, and I knew that I was not my physical body. There were many times that I would lay awake thinking; Who am I? What am I? Why am I here? I never felt that I was a part of this world, I was very spiritually sensitive and had many psychic experiences. This led me to study the supernatural and the paranormal. I never studied any form of religion and I had never looked into enlightenment, so when enlightenment came, it was a complete surprise. It was an instant and unexpected transformation, and if you could experience that for a moment, you would know the meaning of your life and what it is that you seek, and where I am guiding you.

It is not religion that I teach, it is spirituality. I am going to tell you things that no one else can, and I am going to open your eyes to what has eluded you all of your life, and you will have the power to change this world.

I am not like other teachers who teach for profit and praise. I have walked in your shoes, and I speak not from blind faith, but from experience. I am not your master, I am your brother in Love and Truth, who came back for you.

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  1. Chad says:

    Much love William, love the new site..as I have said many many times…..THANK YOU!! For All your hard work!! Beside u I will always stand!!

  2. Harry says:

    I can identify with many of your experiences and feelings. Your interpretation of the Gospel of Thomas rings of truth , what Jesus was really about and wanted us to know about ourselves brings much love, joy and understanding. Thank you so very much for that !

  3. John says:

    William, you offer a glimpse into how to heal life’s hurt that’s truly refreshing and it feels right. May you continue on this path for many years to come with more insights & teachings we’ll all benefit from.

  4. David Bock says:

    How does your teaching differ from Buddhism?



  5. Atinuke Fayemi says:

    Please I can’t ever lose your website again, how do we stay in contact

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