Before the Beginning

Before the Beginning

Before the beginning

Where there is a ‘beginning’ there must also be a ‘before the beginning’.  

When we use the word, ‘beginning’ we are referring to a starting point where a change occurs.

For something to change it must become different from what it was before the change.

Every change is a new beginning, where what was becomes new and different.

Can you think of anything that has not been in a constant state of change?

The Universe had a beginning, the world had a beginning, even your life had a beginning, and all of these things have been in a constant state of change.

Every beginning is an event. History is the study of past events. History begins with the first event. In other words, the first change.

Nothing changes without something causing the change. This is the law of cause and effect.

Time is not dependent on the awareness of it, because awareness is the sensing of change. In other words, if nothing was in a state of change, there would be nothing to be aware of.

Time began with the first change, and so time itself had a beginning.

Where there is an after, there is always a before, and so we will travel back into the past on an incredible and fascinating journey of discovery, in search of what there was before the beginning when all was set in motion.

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