Echoes from the Mind

Echoes from the Mind

Thoughts are focused vibrational projections of feelings that are cast into the mind. They are like stones cast into water, creating ripples that return to the Self where they are felt once more as echoes. Eventually thoughts expend their energy and as they fade, their echoes are no longer felt.

Imagine thoughts as being like pieces of metal on a table in a dark room. They can be felt but not seen, and so their values are not known. There are different types of thoughts and likewise there are different metals, such as gold, silver, bronze and iron, each with their own value. To know the value of a piece of metal you need light to see it, and likewise to know the value of a thought, you need the light of understanding.

Imagine applying heat to one of those cold pieces of metal. Its vibrational state will gradually increase to the point where it emits light. That light forms an image of the piece of metal so that its value can be seen.

Likewise, imagine a thought that has been cast into the darkness of the mind. It is felt but not understood. Its meaning cannot be perceived, but the Self desires to understand its meaning. It is the heat of desire focused by the force of will that raises the vibrational state of the thought, until it emits the light of understanding, and what was felt is then seen.

WILL is the focused force of desire, in other words, willpower is desire power. The greater the desire, the stronger the force of will.

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