Self Realization – Beyond the Veil

Self Realization – Beyond the Veil

If you have LOVE and desire TRUTH, then you have reached the point in your soul journey, where with just 3 short steps, you can know more than any earthbound spiritual teacher could ever show you.

The veil that separates the spiritual realm from the material realm (heaven and earth), is no more than a veil of illusions, yet they are so powerful that even when recognized, they are difficult to overcome. It is because you have become so accustomed to accepting illusion as reality, that you do not question it, but the Truth will set you free.

You cannot fight what you cannot see, and yet what you cannot see is there before your eyes. It is the mystery that guards all other mysteries. An enlightened soul once said, ‘See what is before your eyes, and nothing shall remain hidden from you’. It is time to see what is before your eyes, time to go beyond faith and into experience.

There are four illusions that must be dissolved before Self realization can be achieved. If any one of these remain, then complete Self Realization will not occur. Let us begin the most rewarding journey that was ever possible for the Self.

Overcoming the First Illusion

Self Realization is being aware ONLY of your own presence and existence, as a living entity in a finite space that is separate from ALL that is outside of itself.

All Self recognition is false and an illusion because the Self cannot see itself, and therefore any image accepted or created of the Self, must be a false one. It is from the illusion of false recognition that false idols are created.

The first experience of false Self recognition comes when a child is shown their reflection in a mirror, at the age of about 18 months or so. It is then that the child makes the link between the reflection and its ‘Self’. This is when Self Realization is replaced by false Self recognition as a physical body, and it is the first time that a child sees its own face.

This first experience of seeing the physical body that belongs to the Self, and in which the Self seems to be centred, is where the path away from self realization begins. An enlightened soul once said ‘you must become like little children, if you want to enter the kingdom of heaven’. Meaning: You must become as you were before you accepted the false illusion of Self recognition as a physical body.

As the child progresses through life, its new found false image as a physical being, is constantly reinforced and for many remains unquestioned. Even those who retain a vague memory of Self Realization find that it is something that, without the right knowledge, is too difficult to grasp.

Now find a mirror and study your reflection, paying particular attention to the eyes and think about what I have written here. Say to yourself ‘is that my I am?’

What you see in the mirror is not you; it is an avatar, i.e. a physical body that you have taken possession of, it is an attachment. It is something that is controlled by consciousness. So where is that conscious Self, that aware entity that is you?

If you have overcome the first illusion, you are now ready to take your first step to the second illusion, Congratulations!

Overcoming the Second Illusion

Take a look at your surroundings and try to imagine where you (the conscious observer) are in relation to them. Ask yourself, Where am ‘I’?

You may never have stopped to think about this, but now that you have, it will seem as if you are somewhere just in front of your eyes, outside of your body.

Take another look and try to imagine where you, the conscious observer,  are.

Doesn’t it feel like your body is behind you, and the world is in front of you. Doesn’t it feel like you are outside of your body? Some of you may even feel that you are a part of everything that you see. This is just a powerful illusion, one that is very difficult to overcome without the right knowledge.

It is a scientific fact that images are seen because light reflects off objects and into the eyes, and is then transmitted as nerve impulses, along the optic nerves to the back of the brain, travelling towards the conscious observer, (the Self) and so it can be realized that the images that you see through your eyes are not directly in the presence of the conscious self (the I Am).

Imagine the eye as being a movie camera, connected by a cable, to a TV monitor. What you see on the TV is not actually in your presence, but rather the image is relayed from a distance through devices that are outside and independent of the observer.

So far we have tracked the images seen by the eyes, back to the brain, but where is the observer of the images, the I am? We will move on further toward the observer later, but for now the lesson is, that the feeling that you are just in front of your eyes, or part of what you see (out in the world) is an illusion. For now, be patient with the scientifically testable and confirmable Truth that you have learnt so far.

Overcoming the Third Illusion

We have already seen that it is not the conscious Self that you see in the mirror, and that you are not outside of your physical body, just in front of your eyes and that you are not a part of the world that you observe.

Now you will learn that the ‘conscious Self’ is also not in the head or brain. It is time to dispel another illusion and take another step towards the place where the Self, the I am, resides.

It appears as though the conscious Self is inside the head, but this is no more than an illusion, that is caused by the effect of perfect virtual reality. In fact, the conscious Self is like a puppet master controlling the puppet that we call the physical body. Mankind has not yet perfected the illusion of virtual reality but the following video should give you an idea of what virtual reality is and where things are going.

The physical body, including all parts of the brain, which of course includes neurons and chemicals, are made of atoms.

An atom is not a sentient thing; it is not living, conscious, aware. A collection of atoms therefore, can be no more sentient than a single atom. Imagine if they were, each one would be a separate conscious entity, an individual ‘I AM’. What do you think would happen then?

The mind and the conscious Self are not material things, they cannot be measured or found anywhere in the brain and yet the immaterial conscious Self, mind and the material brain are somehow connected.

It is not the ‘conscious self’ that is physically connected directly to the brain, because the mind separates them.

Imagine that you are sitting alone on a beach on a desert island. There are palm trees behind you, and you are watching the blue sea gently breaking on the white sand. The sun is shining and there is a gentle breeze. Can you see it? It’s beautiful and it’s not made of the material.

All of our physical senses seem to tell us that the conscious Self is in the head, or to be more precise in the brain, but this just an illusion. For those who have experienced OBEs (Out of Body Experiences) or NDEs (Near Death Experiences) myself included, there is little doubt that consciousness is not a function of the brain. Not everyone has experienced these things and so we must look elsewhere for evidence that will show that the conscious self operates independently from, and is outside of the brain. We must attempt to prove that the feeling of being in the head is an illusion.

As you know, our five physical senses are comprised of the following: two eyes, two ears, the nose, the mouth and the nerves that give rise to touch and feelings in the body. All of these information transmitters to the Self can be viewed as follows:

This gives us seven transmitters of information to the Self concerning the material, and each transmits information to different parts of the brain. Yet all of the information from all of the senses has to then be passed on to a single point, where it is perceived by the conscious self. So now we have the following:

Awareness cannot be divided, because it would be two separate conscious entities, each one experiencing things from its own perspective. Therefore awareness has to be a singular thing in one defined place. The whole of the physical body is made of atoms that are not aware, in fact everything in the material realm is incapable of experiencing awareness of any effect upon it, or any effect that it causes. Without awareness there can be no desire or will, no life. How then can you be your physical body or even a part of it?

Nothing material can cross the mind/brain barrier. No atoms can enter the mind that is between the conscious self and the material world. Think of what it would be like if they could.

Imagine yourself in a sealed glass dome. There is loud music outside of the dome. You would hear that music, yet you are sealed from the air outside through which the music is transmitted as vibrations. It is not air that passes through the glass dome to your ears, it is the vibrations in the air outside of the glass dome, that on striking the domes surface, cause vibrations in the air that is inside the glass dome.

The surface of the glass dome and the brain/mind interface, are alike in the way that they transfer information in the form of vibrations.

The transference of vibrations is the root of all cause and effect.

The mind melds with the brain, just like water permeates a shoal of fish.

And in surrounding each component of the brain, the mind is able to receive and transmit information in the form of vibrations, from and to the components of the brain.

This is how information is transmitted from the brain, through the mind to the conscious Self, and is transmitted from the conscious self, back to the brain, to animate the body according the Self’s will. When we see MRI images of areas of the brain lighting up, what we are actually seeing is the transference of information between mind and brain.

The physical body is not aware of anything. You are the observer, the knower, the feeler and the controller, the transmitter and receiver of information, the animator of the physical body that is not the conscious Self.

We have travelled back in our perceptions, from the world to the barrier between the two realms. The last part of our journey will be across the mind to the place that is, from your perspective, the centre of infinity, the ‘I’ and in knowing yourself, there will be no more illusions and your true power as a child of God, will be known.

Overcoming the Fourth Illusion

If you have understood what I have written so far, you will have realized that the images that you receive from your physical eyes are seen in your mind. They are not the original images gathered by your eyes, they are reproductions. They have travelled from the eyes, along the optic nerves, and have been reproduced, reformed, in the mind.

As you look at your surroundings, you should realize that behind the image that you see, there is a pathway that leads all the way back to your physical eyes.

The only difference between the images that are seen in thought mode, and the images that you have of the world, is that one set originates from within the mind, and the other from the physical eyes, which are outside the mind.

Both sets of images are presented directly in front of you, the spiritual observer. It is the Self that sees all that there is to be seen, and you see those things from the place that you exist, a place that you occupy within your mind.

The Self can never see the Self, and so you must not search for an image of the Self because it would be a false one, and will lead you away from Self Realization. The Self can only ever FEEL its existence and in doing so, it realizes the reality of its existence and knows that it is separate from all that it outside of its Self. Some have felt their own reality only in brief moments, but as those brief moments become stronger and more regular, the Self becomes able to sustain its Self Realization for longer periods. It is like learning to crawl before you can walk. Though much Truth is realized along with self realization, this does not amount to enlightenment, because enlightenment comes after Self Realization and only in a soul that has surrendered completely to Love and Truth

It has been wrongly assumed by both spiritual teachers and scientists, that the mind is, or is a part of, the conscious self. This false teaching based on confused perception, has only served to block an understanding of the nature of consciousness and the conscious self.

There are those who on a dark clear night, have gazed out into the Universe and it has been as if they have become one, with it and all of creation. This is because the images that they see are in the mind, and the subconscious tells them, that what is in the mind is a part of the Self, and therefore they are a part of what they see. If this were true, then you would be everything, and the only thing that exists, but then so would the next person; do you see what I mean? I hope that you are beginning to see the root of many false teachings, teachings that lead you away from knowing yourself as a unique, separate, individual, divine spiritual being.

The beginning of the Universe was not your birth, it was brought into existence for souls such as yours.

That unique space that only you fully occupy, as a conscious, spiritual, aware being, is impenetrable and indestructible. Nothing that was not there at your spiritual birth can enter that space.

The mind was attached to us at our spiritual birth. It is the only thing that is outside of ‘the Self’ that truly belongs to us alone. It is both a prison and a fortress. Only God can remove the barrier between our domain (mind) and God’s domain (Heaven), which is God’s mind, within which is God the Supreme Consciousness, and all that exists in infinity.

Heaven is where we were born, and it is the place we will return to, (the end and the beginning are the same) when we have surrendered all that is not of Love and God’s Absolute Truth, the Truth that brings unity, peace and order.

In the light of a beautiful mind we grow, in the darkness we wither. The narrow path is one walked alone with certainty, it has only two directions to travel, forward or back, it is unlike the wide path, which a person can stop on, and walk from side to side through indecision, it is a journey that goes nowhere.

We learn to Love one another through the windows of our minds, always an imperceptible barrier between us, where much is hidden from each other because of uncertainty, and because minds cannot be breached, we are bonded by Love.

In Heaven nothing is hidden, all things are done in the Light. There are no barriers between minds or between our Love and God’s Love. It is there that we experience the true fulfillment of Love. ‘I AM’ then becomes ‘WE ARE’. ‘We are ONE’, ONE family.

Until then, each is alone in their own domain, unseen and unheard, except by those who Love them. We stay in the illusions because we feel safe and comfortable, and because we fear what we do not understand. We can stay as long as we want, or we can come to know ourselves, because for each of us, it has always been about the Self, and for some of us, about others also.

So say to yourself:

‘This I, this SELF, is all that I am, all I will ever be. I come back to myself, for only there will I find my way home, and to reach there I will reject all that is not of Love and Truth.’

Love and Truth are far lighter to carry than anything that you can cling to.

Say to yourself:

‘This is me, my journey. I alone am responsible for it. It will be my last.


If others will not go with me, I will go alone and wait there for them.

In this life journey, I will know my true Self.

And until this life journey is ended, I will stand as a witness to the Light.’

You have always had the keys to Heaven

Turn to the one who can use them

Turn to ‘the Self.’

Back to Self Healing

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  1. Lily says:

    Beautifully written and artfully articulated. You have, in a nutshell, succinctly illuminated the lost soul’s Gnostic mission.

  2. Martha Percy-Meade says:

    This is such a clear affirmation of what I have learned through my past experiences, it provides me with the hope and determination of continuing on my journey , thank you with all of my heart .

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