Ancient Secrets

Ancient Secrets

 Have you ever wondered how it is possible for one person, or a group of people, to rule over the lives of everyone else in their society? In the past such people were referred to as Gods, Pharaohs, Kings, or High Priests. Today we refer to such people as the Elite, and just as it was in past times, they are not hiding from the public. The only thing that they do hide and protect with a passion, is the knowledge that has empowered them, and there is nothing that they would not do to keep that knowledge secret.

When we speak of the Elite, we are referring to a group or class of people seen as having the most power and influence in a society, especially on account of their wealth or privilege. A select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society

When we look back through history it can be seen that there have been Elite since at least Sumerian times, and each have been shrouded in organized religion. What you have yet to realize is that all of the religions, from then until now are based on the same secret knowledge, and that knowledge was and is Spiritual Knowledge. The same knowledge is still out there right in your face, but it is hidden in metaphors and symbols so you do not see it.

It has always been in the hands of the Priests to preserve and protect the secret knowledge. Such people have also been referred to as Sorcerers and Magi, because of their ability to convert Spiritual Teachings in such a way that they appear to relate to material things. In other words, they were talented in the art of deception and thereby able to create illusions. Spiritual knowledge was never meant to be given to the public, and it was used only as a method of control.

The state of the world today and the inability of people to discover the Truth that they are searching for, is a direct result of the Great Deception.

Anyone who has seen the video on YouTube: Zeitgeist the movie Part 1 will probably have been astonished by the similarities in religions throughout the ages, but even what is presented in the movie is full of ignorance and serves only the Great Deception, because it is all presented from a materialist viewpoint.

The Web of Deceit

The debate between atheists and the religious community is a wonder indeed to behold. It is a debate with materialists on both sides, and both are in denial of the reality of spiritual things. It is a debate that cannot be won by either side.

The religious community has been deceived into interpreting the scriptures literally, and so they are blinded to the metaphorical and symbolic meanings. Such people are expected to rely on blind faith and they are not supposed to question the literal teachings that they are given. They are simply compelled to conform, or be rejected and judged as worthy of terrible punishment. It is only when people do start to question that they realize that they have been trapped in a terrible web of deceit.

Organized religions have only served to reinforce the belief that the physical/material is the only reality, and to enslave the minds of countless millions for the benefit of the few.

Atheists have quite rightly rejected the literal interpretations of organized religions scriptures, because they are not logical and do not conform to the known laws of physical/material science.

I am not a religious convert or an atheist, in fact I am opposed to what they teach. I am a spiritual teacher who has through enlightenment, seen the errors in both sides of the debate. I am going to show you what the Elite have hidden from you. I am going to show you a new path, one that will astonish you and set you free, I am going to dissolve the web of deceit.

There has been many religions and many versions of God and gods throughout the ages, and through them empires were built, only to fall again. We have almost come to the end of such things, and even as I speak, an axe is being taken to the stumps of all organized religions that have led people away from the Truth.

It is said that knowledge is power. Secret knowledge empowers only its keepers, leaving the rest dis-empowered.

It is said that ‘they shall see but not perceive’, and that ‘they shall hear and not understand’. This is because the knowledge that you need is hidden behind metaphors, symbols and parables.

The Life of I

The Secret Knowledge of the Self


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  1. Shawn says:

    I love your new website William. It is beautiful!

  2. Josef says:

    Dear William,

    I have followed your teachings for quite sometime, after much loneliness and isolation. I have devoted myself to many years of study in the universities, in hopes of finding therein my purpose in life. However, I can say that it has been a waste of time. No institution has lead me to complete freedom and it is that I may share with everyone the futility of academia, which I have found only lead me deeper to an abyss and astray from knowing myself as my Father in Heaven made me in His likeness. I have learn more from you, my dear, precious friend, than the aggregate philosophers and intellectuals who I have studied earnestly. Though we have not met, the efficacy and amiability of your words impress me as though we have met vaguely in a past life, exchanging ideas and speaking of the ineffable as though it was customary. I read and revisit all your articles, and with assiduous and ardent effort I give attention to your exegesis on The Gospel of Thomas. I hope to correspond with you one day. For now, I will continue, as I have for years, reading your articles as it gives me my daily bread. Glory to God in the Highest and on earth, peace and good will towards all. Bless thee.

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