Spiritual Science

Spiritual Science

Before the Beginning

Where there is a ‘beginning’ there must also be a ‘before the beginning’. When we use the word, ‘beginning’ we are referring to a starting point where a change occurs. Read More

The Substance of Reality

There is a simple way to determine what is real and therefore has substance. If something can cause an effect, then it must be real and have substance. Read More


The Edge of Time and Beyond

Mankind has always struggled to understand the nature of time and the concept of infinity, and yet without an understanding of these things we are left open to relying on speculation… Read More

The Birth of the Universe – Chance or Choice

The question that we are looking at here is: Did the Universe come into being by chance, or was it the choice of an intelligent designer? Read More

The Self Awakens

As you read these words you find yourself in a moment of time, where you are experiencing awareness, but it is not the first moment that you have experienced it. Read More

Echoes from the Mind

Thoughts are focused vibrational projections of feelings that are cast into the mind. They are like stones cast into water, creating ripples that return to the Self where they are felt once more as echoes. Read More

The Meaning of life

People ask: What is the meaning of life, does it have any meaning at all, or are we just prisoners of our own existence, destined to suffer a lifetime with no reward at its end? Read More

The Divided Mind

In the beginning the mind was a single undivided space. It was a place into which feelings could be projected and their meanings found in the light of understanding. Read More


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