The Birth of the Universe – Chance or Choice

The Birth of the Universe – Chance or Choice

The question that we are looking at here is: Did the Universe come into being by chance, or was it the choice of an intelligent designer?

It has been determined that the Universe was created from a singularity about 13.7 billion years ago. In other words, everything that is in the Universe was once compressed into a single finite point, in what appears to have been an empty space.

Was that space that we know as the Universe empty, and was everything that is now in the Universe once compressed into a single pinpoint, or is there another explanation?

The Universe was never empty. Its substance was just in a state of very low vibration, and so possessed very little energy. Today even the spaces that we see between stars and planets etc., contain the substance of very low vibrations; they are so weak that they have no influence, until a higher energy raises their vibrational state.

That which was released from the singularity was not matter, it was pure and very powerful energy, and it simply raised the vibrational states of the substance that already existed.

The energy that is now contained in the Universe did not exist before the big bang. It didn’t originate from inside the Universe, therefore it must have originated from outside of the Universe. This means of course that the Universe has an edge, and it exists within a confined space.

So now you have to consider: What was it that caused that injection of energy, and why did it occur at the specific time that it did?

The word ‘chance’ is a concept that portrays in the mind a lack of understanding, resulting in the inability to control events. It is the root cause of fear and hope. It also relies on the concept of chaos. But there is no chaos in all of reality. There are only chains of cause and effect that are so complex that they cannot be assimilated in the mind.

Nothing happens by chance, every event in the physical/material Universe is governed by the laws of physics, and therefore has no choice.

Choice requires awareness, desire and will, they are the attributes of spiritual beings only, and it is with those attributes that they are able to change what would have been in the absence of their interference.

Imagine the Universe before the Big Bang, imagine it as being an enclosed space full of low energy vibrations, sealed from the high energy vibrations which were outside of the Universe. What you have is a vacuum. Now imagine sticking a pin in the outer edge of the Universe allowing a measured amount of very high energy vibrations to enter, causing an internal explosion.

What you are seeing is the first cause in an incredible chain of cause and effects that resulted in the formation of everything now in the Universe. What is even more incredible is that the laws of physics must have been programmed to that very first cause.

Was there an intelligent sentient designer who set into motion the creation of the Universe?

It has been scientifically determined that the big bang occurred about 13.7 billion years ago. The big question is; why then? Why not somewhere in the infinite past or in the infinite future? The Big Bang was clearly an intervention event, an event that caused a change in the natural order of predetermined events. The Big Bang was therefore a supernatural event, one that would not have occurred in the absence of an entity that possessed awareness, desire and will. It is with these attributes that the bonds of conformity can be broken and a choice of action made.

Those who say that the Universe came into being by chance, have not yet realized its perfection and complexity, and how it is perfectly designed to sustain spiritual beings. They consider only the chaos of it coming into being, but they ignore the chances of it not coming into being.

Is it possible for an intelligent designer to exist? You are the living proof.

We must look deeper into the nature of the Self.

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