The Edge of Time and Beyond

The Edge of Time and Beyond

Mankind has always struggled to understand the nature of time and the concept of infinity, and yet without an understanding of these things we are left open to relying on speculation, which has so often been used for the purposes of deceit.

Can anything exist outside of time, and if so what is there beyond time?

Is there anything that is infinite, and if so what?

The first thing we must do is to look at time, and what it is, and what it is not.

Time is not some form of invisible substance that flows like a river taking everything along with it. Therefore time cannot cause an effect. The only thing that we can do with time is measure it. But what are we measuring if time is not an entity?

The only thing we are measuring is a change and the speed of that change. Change can only be measured by comparing it to something that has consistent rate of change, and for this we use the rotation of the Earth and the speed of its revolution.

Time is not dependent on the observation/awareness of it, because change occurs even in the absence of someone being aware of it.

To be outside of time is an impossibility, because it would mean that nothing would be in a state of motion, not even a single vibration. To be outside of time would mean to be outside or reality. Is there such a place?

I have previously described the ALL as an infinite ocean of vibrational energy, which is the substance of reality. I have used the term ‘infinite’ because that is how the mind perceives it in its attempt to rationalize that which is beyond understanding.

When we consider the size of the universe it appears to be infinite, but it is not, it is confined within a space and it has an edge, and is only a finite part of the ALL.

The ALL is also confined in a space and so has an edge. Beyond that edge there are no vibrations to form reality, and therefore no energy from which to form reality.

The edge of the ALL is the edge of time, beyond which there is an endless space that is truly infinite and timeless, a space full of stillness and nothingness.

Nothing can be known beyond the edge of the ALL, because there is nothing to know. Infinity cannot be imagined be case the mind will always place limits upon it.

If you have understood what I have said, then today you have travelled in the mind to the edge of infinity and beyond.

From our perspective it can seem like the material Universe is infinite, and yet compared to the ALL it is as a grain of sand on the bed of a vast ocean.


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