Low Self Esteem

Low Self Esteem

Low Self-esteem can be one of the most difficult things to overcome, I know because I suffered from it for most of my life, it was very difficult to hide from others and left me open to being used and taken advantage of by people who cared only for themselves.

We were all born equal, but not into the same circumstances and not surrounded by the same type of people.

We all came into this world full of Self-confidence, our desires were righteous and our will was uncompromised. We were innocent and deserving of respect and admiration. We were our own master, and even more than this, we were completely honest with our feelings; we hid nothing.

It is when you look at a small child that you realize the life that has been taken from you; the life that you are searching for. You must become your own master again, and you must honour and respect yourself.

When we first began our present life journey, we were alone and we knew only the existence of the Self and our own spiritual world, in which we existed as a spiritual being. But then we discovered a doorway into the physical/material realm. It was then that we took possession of a physical body, and in doing so we became aware of the existence of other spiritual beings who had also taken possession of a physical body.

For the rest of our life journey we would stand in that doorway between the realms, with a choice of which world to interact with.

When we were young children we spent a lot of time in the inner world. It was there that we were free to create without limit and nothing was impossible. It was a place that we could hide from the outer world and other spiritual beings. It was a place where we could be who we wanted to be and do what we wanted, a place where we could question and come to our own conclusions without the fear of confrontation with others.

Being in that inner place is frowned upon by those who are overcome by the outer world, those who have forgotten who and what they are; those who seek to control you. It is the same today. They don’t want you to think for yourself because you may discover the truth and become beyond their control, beyond their influence. They are the ones that lead you to believe that you are of less worth than they are, and of less importance. They judge you by their own standards, not knowing that they are full of ignorance, and made less worthy to judge anyone through their lack of empathy, compassion and understanding.

Those who lead others into captivity must first go into captivity themselves.

Signs of low Self-esteem

The signs of low Self-esteem are:

Sensitivity to criticism. Timidity. Fear of rejection. Lack of confidence. Feelings of guilt. Feeling worthless. Feeling unlovable. Easily led. Pretending to be what you are not by creating and wearing masks to disguise your true feelings.

If your Self-esteem is low then you are living in survival mode, always on guard against those who would take advantage of you, but not always seeing behind their masks and through their deception. When others do take advantage and hurt you, the one who you always blame is yourself, and for that you feel shame and guilt.

You find more pleasure in giving than receiving, and you have given more than you ever received. You always put your own feelings last, and would rather suffer yourself than see others suffer.

You see and feel what others don’t and you have known loneliness.

You are not materialistic. Without Love nothing has any real worth. To Love and be loved is all you ever really wanted.

You feel that you are different to most people, and you don’t know or understand why, and you feel that you have a mission in life but you don’t know what it is.

If I say that you are a precious soul, worthy of being loved for who you are, you should overcome that doubt about yourself and know that I speak the Truth, because I seek nothing in return from you, my words are sincere.

The Cure for Low Self-esteem – Forgiveness


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