The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life

People ask: What is the meaning of life, does it have any meaning at all, or are we just prisoners of our own existence, destined to suffer a lifetime with no reward at its end?

The answer to these questions were there at the beginning of every spiritual beings life journey. The meaning of life is not determined by the powers that you have, it is determined by the way that you use those powers, and in that alone is found the meaning of your life, which is its worth.

The purpose of life is to pursue and experience pleasure. In the beginning that pleasure was found in the light of understanding truth, and in that understanding the knowledge of causes and their effects was known. This was the beginning of wisdom. But there is another light, a dark light that emanates from desires that are ignorant of the feelings of other spiritual beings.

It is only through empathy that negative desires and dark light are overcome and with that the Self evolves and its life is given meaning.

In the absence of empathy there can be no connection between spiritual beings, no love can be shared, no guilt can be felt for causing others pain or loss, and the pursuit of pleasure for the Self becomes all that matters.

The world is the way it is because everyone is competing for pleasure, and it is those without empathy that have written the rule book and its pages are full of ignorance and death.

People who compete can never find peace. People who do not know themselves cannot know others, and they cannot experience the ultimate pleasure that gives true meaning to life.

It is empathy without wisdom that turns a loving soul into a fool for others. Empathy is like a pool to wash ones soul in, but those who swim in it without wisdom, end up drowning in sorrow.

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