The Self Awakens

The Self Awakens

As you read these words you find yourself in a moment of time, and in this moment you are experiencing awareness, but it is not the first moment that you have experienced it and it will not be the last.

Moments of awareness are like footsteps on the path of your life journey, they lead from the past and they will lead into the future.

Every journey begins somewhere, and for the Self that starting point was when the Self first realized its existence. I have never forgotten that moment. It is there hidden deep in your memories too, awaiting its rediscovery. It is the most magical of all moments. It is the moment that your life first began.

But what was it like before that first moment of Self Realization, and what followed that lead you to this present moment in time?

It is the Self’s unique state of vibration that gives it the ability to experience awareness. To be aware is to feel, and to feel is to know. The ability to be aware does not mean that you are aware, just as the ability to Love does not depend on you being loving. Before you become aware you must first possess the ability to be aware. That which has the ability to become aware must exist before it becomes aware.

Dreamless sleep is a state of complete unawareness, where even the concept of time is unknown. It is also a state where the Self is unaware even of its own existence. This is the state that the Self was in before your first awakening, in this present life journey.

Imagine being in a state of dreamless sleep, drifting through a dark empty silent space, not knowing even of your own existence.

Now imagine that your very presence as a vibrational entity is creating an effect on the space that surrounds you. It is your space; an empty virgin mind waiting for your awakening.

It is that space that will become your Spiritual Universe, a domain that you created and will rule over, it will be a place that will contain only and all of your creations. But for now the Self sleeps.

While the Self gently sleeps, the virgin mind remains open, waiting for the hand of you the creator.

It was as if the Self lay asleep within a shell, hovering above a sea that was so still that it had the appearance of glass, and there was perfect peace in the perfect darkness. There was no movement inside that shell other than the Self’s own vibrational state of being, which is its Spirit. As the Spirit grew, the shell descended until it touched the sea of glass.

It was in this moment of touching that the Self awakened to the reality of a place outside of itself and of its own existence.

The shell had cracked open and a new spiritual being had been born. The Self had become aware of its existence and in that awareness was the pleasurable feeling of; ‘I AM, ‘I EXIST’.

There then began a disturbance within the Self, it was the desire for understanding. That understanding could not be found within and so the Spirit of the Self, driven by desire, began to move on the face of the virgin mind in search of understanding, and as it did so the perfect peace was shattered. Peace would only return when the Self’s desire was satisfied with the answer to the question; WHAT AM I? It would be then that the Self experienced the feeling of pleasure once more.

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