The Substance of Reality

The Substance of Reality

How do we know what is real and what is not real?

A materialistic person would reason that only the things that can be detected by the physical senses are real, and that reality is confined within the Universe. They determine that spiritual things are not real because they have no substance, and therefore no physical/material properties.

There is a simple way to determine what is real and therefore has substance, and that is:

If something can cause an effect or be affected, then it must be real and have substance. In other words, it must be made of something.

Can a thought cause an effect?

Can a thought be created? If so then what substance is it created from?

Do you use your physical senses when engaged with thoughts?

Those who study only the things of the physical/material realm will eventually come to an impasse, and to go any further they will have to concede to the reality of the spiritual.

You cannot make anything from nothing. If you try to make something from nothing you will end up with nothing.

The substances that form all the components of reality can be traced back through the evolution of their changes to a single source, a single and unique substance from which all things were formed, and in which all things exist. It is referred to as the ALL. Everything that exists including ourselves, exists within and is a part of the ALL. It is within us and it is outside of us. That is the true meaning of: We are all one. We are all of one substance.

There is no place within the ALL that reality does not exist.

The substance of reality had always existed, and so it had no beginning. It was all that there ever was, and all that can ever be.

Before the beginning of beginnings the substance of reality and its state of being, can be compared to a single unchanging musical note.

With each change that would come, a new and different note would be created, and the substance of reality would eventually form seven perfect notes.

The realm of reality is known as the ALL. It can be described as a vast ocean of vibrational units that each produce energy. They can be described as the smallest particles of reality.

It is the units of vibration that form the substance of reality.

Energy cannot be destroyed, because the vibrations that produce the energy have nothing to stop them.

Energy can only be transferred from one vibrational unit to another, but never all of the energy.

Energy cannot be transferred from one place to another across a gap, unless there is a substance for it to travel through.

Energy is a force that causes a direct effect upon that which it touches, and so energy can only be transferred through that which is capable of being affected. Therefore a gap that contains nothing cannot transfer energy.

The transference of energy can be demonstrated with a Newton’s cradle.

There are no gaps in reality, there is nothing that is at rest in the ALL. Everything is connected.

There is the same amount of energy in the ALL today as there ever was.

Vibrational units are never fixed into one place, they move around, and so the ALL can be described as fluidic in its nature. That is why it has been compared to water.

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