Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love is the highest form of Love, it is wholesome and pure, and it is the companion of Truth and Wisdom. It is uncorrupted and incorruptible. It is the life blood through which eternal life is given, and through it is experienced the highest form of righteous pleasure.

There is no hate in Love and there is no Love in hate.

When Love and hate are brought together into one place there is conflict and the power of both is decreased. It is then that both Love and hate become conditional.

Choose unconditional Love, choose life.

If you Love others but do not Love yourself then your Love is conditional.

Love others as you would have them Love you. It is the way that you treat others that justifies the way that they treat you.

Do not judge others unless you are prepared to be judged.

Only you have the power to heal your soul, it has always been in your hands to choose unconditional Love.

You will exist forever, and one day your Spiritual Evolution will be complete; let it be sooner than later. Choose unconditional Love, choose life.

Self Realization – Beyond the veil

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  1. JAMES says:

    Hello william 🙂 I Truly enjoy the new look of the new site and the new truths(to me anyway) that you have added to it. more treasures to contemplate on in my expanding consciousness on my path to knowing myself in True Reality. Thank you My Friend for your Unconditional Love for us all!

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