Twisted Scriptures

Twisted Scriptures

There is no doubt that things are changing in this world, people are waking up and beginning to question what life is really all about. Many people have searched in the Church for answers, but they have left because they realized that something in what they were taught was very wrong. They were right because they realized that they were being led by blind guides, people who could not perceive the secret teachings hidden by metaphors and symbols.

I am going to show you what I see in the scriptures, and in doing so, reveal the secret teachings. You will become troubled at first, and when you realize the Truth that was hidden from you, you will be amazed, and you will rule over the ALL.

I will be interpreting scriptures from Genesis to Revelations, and from the Gnostic Gospels. Everything is about to change.

The Gospel of Thomas Fully Interpreted

The Book of Genesis

The Book of Revelation

The Gospel of Mary Magdalene


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