Self Healing

Self Healing

Love is the bridge between truth and wisdom. This is not an easy path to walk, because there are many obstacles strewn along the way. We have all encountered these obstacles that are the cause of our suffering and the obstacle to Self Healing. The awakened have no choice and are compelled to seek a way of removing those obstacles so that they are able to cross the bridge. It is those that sleep in ignorance that pick up the obstacles and carry them with them as baggage, not realizing that the bridge will collapse under the weight.

We are going to look at the obstacles with the intention of overcoming them, then you will know the true meaning of being a free spirit, and you will find the Love and Wisdom that you seek.

Become your own master and clear the path to Enlightenment and blissful peace. It is there that you will find the unconditional Love and Self Healing that you have searched for.

Low Self-esteem

We were all born equal, but not into the same circumstances and not surrounded by the same type of people.



There is nothing that takes the shine off life more than the emotional baggage of memories full of hurt.



There is friendship and there is marriage. There are also friendships of convenience and marriages of convenience.


Fear of Death

Death is like a shadow that follows every soul, until it is removed by the Light. 


Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love is the highest form of Love, it is wholesome and pure, and it is the companion of Truth and Wisdom.


Self Realization – Beyond the veil

You cannot fight what you cannot see, and yet what you cannot see is there before your eyes. It is the mystery that guards all other mysteries.

There are more articles to come which will also include subjects such as Physical Healing through faith.

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